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Andrewes St, Leicester


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17th Oct, Competition

Joy's cardigan

The winning entry was a cardigan/jacket by Joy Scott. The main body is sideways knitted.

6th Nov, Charting and drafting part 1

Charting and drafting

Sheila talked about various methods for charting eg charting devices, the Diaphantine equation (magic formula). Bob demonstrated a Calcuknit. Joy demonstrated the capabilities of DAK 8 to some visiting students. There were some lovely items in the "show and tell", including a beaded Christmas bauble by Joy (see below).


19th Dec, Christmas party

Well, we had a quick show and tell and then tucked into various savoury and sweet items. Next meeting is January 9th.

Passap jumper

Wonderful Passap jumper!

Party time!

The cheese scones were my favourite but the chocolate tiffin was lovely too!

9th Jan 2014, lace and fine lace

Sheila demonstrated both types of lace possible on a Brother machine. It worked remarkably well, but requires a lot of moves to get a finished garment. A good upper body workout!

6th Feb, Colour changers, double and single

Sheila demonstrated the single bed colour changer and Jane demonstrated the double bed colour changer. The single bed colour changer played up a bit I think, but we got there in the end.

20th Feb, Cables, magic and otherwise

Pat demonstrated magic cables, Sheila demonstrated ordinary cables, and Joy had a go using the garter bar to work cables (she was foxed for a while by a misprint in the instructions). I think we decided transferring cables the ordinary way was quicker. :)

3rd Apr, Top-down sleeves

Top down sleeves

In a slight change to the advertised programme, Bob showed us how he knits sideways sweaters in boucle yarns on his chunky machine, by knitting up to the armhole section, then knitting a strip of waste yarn for the armhole, and then continuing on for the second half. He then showed us his top-down sleeve knitted directly onto the front and back of a jumper.

Where we meet:

West End Centre
Andrewes Street (off Hinckley Road)