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19th Sept, Steaming

Steaming in progress

We were treated to a demonstration of how to correctly steam a skirt using a steam iron and an ironing board. Sheila very kindly knitted some skirt samples and showed us how it's done. 

18th Oct, Competition

Olga and her skirt

We ran our annual competition and there were lots of lovely entries in all categories. The winner was Olga, with her skirt - she's a relatively new machine knitter too! Whilst the entries were being judged, Jane demonstrated her circular sock knitting machine. We have managed to source a projector so everyone could watch in comfort (the CSM is a bit too small for 20 people to all stand around at once). 


Pictures of all the competition entries are on our gallery page.

3rd Jan 2013, Double-bed jacquard

Bob kindly demonstrated double-bed jacquard and half-milano on the KH950. 

21st Feb, Plating


Sheila very kindly demonstrated both single bed and double bed plating. The machine mostly cooperated after some adjustment. She also brought some samples to show us. Plating is a useful technique to stabilise a difficult yarn and also can produce interesting two-tone effects.

7th Mar, Guild cardigan card 3 and linked shrug

Shrug1 Shrug2

We had a good meeting on Thursday and Joy took these photos of the resulting garment, which I think you will agree has lots of possibilities. It was knitted in fishermans rib using acylic yarn and as you can see we did not have time to sew in ends etc. but the shape could be used to achieve different results using other techniques and yarn. The shrug is a Wendy Piper design. 

21st Mar, necklines

We had a selection of garments with interesting necklines to examine, and then Jane demonstrated a simple method using holding position to knit a folded band v-neck. 

3rd Apr, Sue Booth workshop

We had a great workshop with Sue Booth and she managed to cover an amazing amount of techniques. These included:

Shaping raglan sleeves using the holding position,
Lace patchwork
Knitting on a standard gauge machine using alternate needles
Magic fairisle
Scallop and lacy edgings
Joining blocks of contrasting colours neatly
Mitred corners on a square neckline.

She also gave us lots of small knitting tips along the way and we all came away full of renewed enthusiasm for our craft and we are hoping that it will result in more entries for our annual competition.

2nd May, Card 3 patterns

Card 3

Hedi demonstrated a single bed card technique and Bob had a go at a double bed card technique. Hedi also brought in lots of samples (see above).

Where we meet:

West End Centre
Andrewes Street (off Hinckley Road)